The 2017-2018 program is in full swing. All elementary schools nationally are welcome to apply for the 2018-2019 school year. No school is guaranteed admission; the application should be considered a competitive process. We are always looking for more districts to expand to.


Schools that have been enrolled in the program for 3 years are welcome to apply for a continuation grant:


In an effort to save resources, the application is only available online. You will be asked to submit the following:

Application Requirements

Contact Information

  • Phone & email for the principal, the person in charge, and the parents/faculty members in the two supporting roles
  • The person in charge is responsible for having monthly phone calls with the Program Coordinator of Green Up Our Schools

School Proclamation

  • Signed document stating the school’s commitment

Background Information

  • What have you done to “go green” so far? (Optional: include letters from students, parents, or faculty members.)

Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan

  • Create your recycling & waste reduction plan for the 3 year program (view suggestions)

Student Green Team

  • Accepted schools are required to have an active student green team that meets on a regular basis (encouraged but not required to be in place before applying).

Grant Funding

  • If you are accepted, how do you plan to spend the money? If you are accepted, whom should we send the check to?