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November 2018 Featured School

As we wrap up November, we have a lot to be thankful for. From student presentations at city council to waste audits, our students have been busy and we can't thank our Green Team students enough!

The Shrine of St. Ann

(Arvada, CO)

Did you know the City of Arvada does not provide waste services for residents? Neither did we until the Shrine of St Ann student Green Team filled us in!

After beginning the GUOS program, students quickly realized an untapped leadership opportunity in their home town - their community should be recycling and composting! Something had to be done. So on Monday November 19th, student Green Team members presented their case for creating a district-wide waste service to the Arvada City Council Members - and they were given the opportunity to speak first. Fluttering with excitement the 10 students and their passionate leader took to the podium. Students passed the microphone around and one by one named the problems they see in their community.

Moments like this make us so proud. Our program is empowering students to go out into their communities and have their voices heard!

Way to go Shrine of St Ann student Green Team leaders!!

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