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Green! Yay!
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Media Release

Student Green Team are meant to lead their peers as they problem solve and implement waste reduction solutions.


All students on the Green Team are required to sign a media release form. 

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Simple is Better

Green Up Our Schools is determined to make your life easier and dedicated to achieving your waste reduction dreams. Together, we can make an immense impact.

Just getting started? Contact your representative anytime for support.

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Waste Assessment 

To reduce waste sent to landfill, you must first know what material is being sent there.


Member Schools assess their schoolwide waste in order to improve their diversion and send less to landfill.


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Projects Grant 

Member schools enrolled in our  program must submit this  request form in order to gain consultation on waste reduction projects.

Questions? Contact your representative.

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Projects Menu

This projects menu is designed with our pilot schools in mind.

Here you will find a list of projects with their corresponding grant and description.

Follow the instructions and submit no later than 12.7.18 to receive funding.

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Survey Contest

In an effort to gather more qualitative information about Green Up Our Schools we will be conducting surveys throughout the year.

Submissions are automatically entered into gift card drawing.

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