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Our Program

Leadership, Education, and Sustainability

Support & Collaboration

Your personal consultants

Your school will receive guidance from one of our sustainability professionals to develop waste reduction strategies by forming a student green team. Students will receive educational lessons and resources on sustainability, gain access to a community of green schools, and coordinate monthly phone calls or school visits with GUOS to troubleshoot projects.


Working smarter - not harder - together. 

Facilitating Change

GUOS will support schools to:

  • Build a Coalition

  • Get inspired and informed

  • Educate students on waste reduction & sustainability

  • Gain support

  • Find resources to living greener

  • Impact the Community

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

 - Jane Goodall


Effective projects

We provide the structure to make a difference. Schools and students will complete the following:

  • Form a student Green Team

  • School-wide education campaign

  • 2 waste reduction projects a year

Start reducing waste on your campus today.

Already Involved?


You will be amazed at how much our member schools grow in each of these areas in our program.

Contact us for more program details, or apply here.

Environmental Education

Teaching Youth Sustainability Principles

We aim to educate kids early on how to reduce waste, re-use materials when possible, and recycle properly, so that zero waste principles can be carried throughout life.

Collecting Donations

Green Leaders

Cultivating the next generation of Green Leaders

Through our program, students are empowered by seeing real change they facilitate by serving on their school Green Team.


Helping schools reduce waste

Our member schools often reduce waste by up to 70% through our program, by implementing recycling, composting, and waste reduction projects

Volunteers Serving Food


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