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Since 2008, Green Up Our Schools has worked with over 90 elementary schools across the United States. Our greenprint continues to grow and our impact to spread. Interested in becoming a zero-waste campus? Apply today.


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New School 


Submission required for all first year schools

Green Up Our Schools provides funding for proposed waste reduction, recycling, and composting projects in elementary schools.

Each year, we ask our member schools to complete the same requirements, outlined below:

Start of the Year

Each year, all member schools are required to complete the following tasks to be eligible for project funding:

  • Form the Student Green Team

  • Perform a Schoolwide Landfill Waste Assessment with the students and report baseline data

  • Educate the entire school on the Green Up Our Schools program and your 2 chosen waste-reduction projects for the year

Once all tasks are completed, schools may apply for specific project funding.

During the Year

Each year, member schools receive funding for two new waste reduction projects - (for example, a “Zero Waste Lunch Campaign” or a “Paper Towel Reduction Campaign”) Once in place, schools are required to assess project success and report findings to Green Up Our Schools on a quarterly basis. Green Up Our Schools representatives help guide project timelines and implementation within the school.


To support project implementation, a Green Up Our Schools representative visits schools at least twice per year and talks with every Program Lead once a month over the phone.

End of the Year

All member schools are required to complete the following requirements before school is out:

  • Report data from the End of Year Schoolwide Landfill Waste Assessment so we can chart your progress

  • An itemized expense report showing how the grant funding was spent

  • A summery of your year with any project data you collected and may have not already reported


Upon completion of these requirements:

  • Member schools are eligible for funding in the following year without having to reapply.

  • The Green Up Our Schools Program Leader, AKA the applicant or Green Team leader, will receive a stipend of $500 for completing the yearly program requirements. 



We throw an annual Appreciation Dinner to say thanks for all the time & energy invested throughout the year.


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