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November 2017 Featured Schools

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

October kept our schools busy with their beginning of year waste audits! Below are some of our amazing schools that have been going above and beyond, all thanks to donors like you.

(Arvada, CO)

Our October visit to the Shrine of St. Anne warmed our hearts, as we watched the student green team fill their school auditorium with excitement and enthusiasm while they led the "green up, waste down" cheer (see our Facebook for the video)! Last month, they received one of their multiple checks from Green Up Our Schools to help in their sustainability efforts. With a recent switch to recycling, the green team focus for the remainder of the semester will be teaching their peers how to divert paper, plastic, and other single stream recyclables. Green team teacher-leader, Ms.Hensley, even hand made trash bin sorting signs to help the school improve its recycling rate! Thank you Ms. Hensley for your extra commitment!


Stone Mountain Elementary

(Castle Rock, CO)

This October, Stone Mountain conducted their first ever waste audit!

Thanks to the event prep, hard work, and organization of Principle Franci and Ms.Harwood, the afternoon was fun, stress free, and efficient. After learning how-to, classrooms took turns sorting their trash and gathered data by grade level. Students of all ages braved the garbage to find out what they could be diverting (don't worry, they had gloves!). After all classes had sorted their trash, green team students weighed the waste by category, to inform each grade where they should focus their improvement efforts.

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