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April 2019 - Earth Week - Featured Schools

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Earth Week is a great opportunity for Green Teams to rally their peers into action and roll out one more challenge for their school. This year we've seen some really exciting awareness campaigns from our students, and we can't wait to highlight the hard work put in by our schools during Earth Week!

Thanks for all your do Green Team leaders and teacher/parent volunteers!!


The Studio School

Adams 12, CO

Studio School's Green Team decided plastic baggie waste paired with recycling awareness were on the top of their list. In order to continue their peer engagement, the student Green Team hosted a zero waste lunch day on Earth Day.


The Green Team had volunteers (students and adults) help at the lunch room sorting stations. The also had a prize table, where students could enter and select a prize if they brought or purchased a zero waste lunch. The results - a whole school's worth of lunch trash that could be squished down to fit into just one chip bag!!


Esencia K-8

Capistrano Unified School District, CA

Esencia K-8 had a fun day of activities with the Student Green Team. In the morning, the Student Green Team each had a Blue Hat to decorate with an Earth Day message and the Green Team made posters to hang all over the school. 

At lunch time the Green Team put on a Recycle Relay - the kids raced around to see who could pick up recyclable items the fastest. The Student Green Team ran the events—some had the microphone to encourage the kids and give directions, others were blowing celebratory bubbles or squirting water bottles to cool off the relay runners, and others were helping the craft tables. Everyone had a job and more kids were encouraged to become part of the Student Green Team in the future. There was a table set up to color an Earth Day picture and another table to do an Earth craft activity using coffee filters and washable markers. All grades were included and everyone had a lot of fun!


Centerville Elementary School

Fairfax, VA

Centerville has been working on reducing waste through zero waste days and upcycled art projects. For Earth Day, their Green Team chose to host an upcycled fashion show. They also had their peers learn and perform a song.

Centerville Elementary is an amazing school which achieved its FOURTH Green Flag award! Their students and staff are dedicated to sustainability and it is such an honor to work with them! Way to go Centerville, you're rockstars!!

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