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March 2019 Featured Schools

The Green Team students at Hulstrom K-8 realized they needed more to achieve their waste reduction goals, $2,400 more. Installing a new hydration station in or near the lunchroom was impreative in reducing plastic bottles purchased during lunch. In order to obtain this extra funding, the Green Team students approached their lead adult volunteer for assistance in organizing a presentation to the PTA. Read more on their brave efforts below!

Hulstrom K-8

Adams 12, Colorado

Hulstrom K-8 has a strong Green Team. When the students see an issue, they can't stop thinking about until they have figured out how to solve it. Not every student is willing to get in front of a large group of "grown ups" and pitch their ideas, but this Green Team sought out the spot light. They have been tackling lunchroom waste and wanted to take an extra step to reduce. In the video below, we learn the Green Team has helped the school reduce "9,000 bottles so far" from just one station at the middle school alone.

The students shared their mission and their goals, and the exciting news that their Green Team has grown "200% with 40 new applicants for the upcoming year"! The Green Team has other ideas for reducing waste and discussed some of their successful past projects, such as recycled art, and projects on their wish list, like a shipping container garden.  The students have been doing research and think they may have found an organization that will help them cover the cost of the garden. The garden would provide a hands on way for students to learn the life cycle of materials, reduce their environmental impact, and demonstrate the importance of composting. 

Way to dream big, Hulstrom K-8 Green Team!! You're amazing!

We are happy to report that the students were approved for funding for their new hydration station!

Other adults reported that the students were asked difficult questions on the logic behind the new water bottle station, and they did a great job supporting their proposal with evidence!

We couldn't be more proud of these Green Team students! Congrats!

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