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December 2017 Featured Schools

November was an exciting month for many of our schools. Some Green Teams received their first check and all students worked on developing their waste reduction projects. Check out their ideas below!


Our Lady Fatima

Lakewood, CO

The Green Team at Our Lady Fatima received their first check! During our visit, students looked at the data from their waste assessment to determine what they think the best first project should be. With the help of our program director Jessica and teacher leader Ms. Crouse, Green Team members brainstormed and came up with some creative ideas! Making signs to use less paper towels, and printing on both sides of the paper were some low cost ideas presented. Recycling bins, reusable flatware, and signs for the teachers lounge were other student favorites. One student was very excited at their idea of using one pump of soap so there will be less soap bottles in the garbage :]

Looking forward, the Green Team would like to implement composting. They hope that by diverting waste from the trash, they will be able to have fewer landfill waste pick ups and be able to downsize their dumpster. They would then use the money saved from diversion to pay for part of their composting. Another priority on their list is to increase their recycling of plastics. The Green Team plans to spend some of their resources on running a competition for zero waste lunch. Green Team students will assist their peers in sorting in the lunch room and will take note of students who are making the best waste reduction efforts. The prizes for the top performing students will be a part in the waste reduction efforts, such as a reusable water bottle.


Anaheim Hills Elementary

Anaheim, CA

This November, the Green Team at Anaheim Hills Elementary put on an assembly for their fellow students to begin their plastic waste reduction initiative. The Green Team used an announcement of their hydration station to encourage their peers to join them in reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill. This Green Team has purchased water bottles and will have them for sale to help make reusable water bottles part of every student's backpack! The Green Team leadership efforts have already paid off. Before the end of their first month, Anaheim Hills has already saved over 3,000 disposable water bottles!

Way to go AHE! Watch their skit below!

Moving forward, the green team would like to install another hydration station, and will be running a trash to treasure project. After collecting specific trash items, such as cardboard or bottle caps, students will build a statue of their mascot to be prominently displayed as a reminder to reduce, reuse, and recycle. They are aiming to have their project finished for Earth Week. These efforts couldn't be accomplished without the hard work Ms. Verdone, thank you!

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