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May 2018 Featured School

May brings a special buzz to the air, with talks of summer vacations, pool parties, week night sleep overs, and no more homework! It's our last chance to check in with our schools for the year, and we're so excited to fill you in on the amazing and unique projects wrapping up at John S Malcom!

We wish all our schools a safe and fun holiday, and hope you'll continue to work on waste reduction at home!

John S Malcom Elementary

Laguna Niguel, CA

John S Malcom had a full and busy year, with new sustainable initiatives launched all throughout. Many of these changes have been brought to life by our green team students. About 6 months ago, the green team over saw the installation of the a hydration station and has been encouraging their peers to bring reusable water bottles.

The Green Team has been collecting data and making graphs on how many kids are bringing re-usable water bottles. Data has only been collected a few times, and the students are determined to keep at it, even though they have not yet seen vast improvements. The Green Team will continue their occasional morning assemblies at Malcom's weekly announcements next year (to students, staff, and parents) with the goal of reducing water bottle waste at their school. Check back for updates next year!

The GT students also helped put on a school-wide Earth Day event, including "Voices in the Garden" - Green Team members recorded videos talking about different plants in the garden, then set up QR codes next to the plants/garden that linked to the videos. Their fellow students went around with iPads to scan the codes and watch the videos, making a fun and educational Earth Day for all!

Our Green Team members took this chance to not only talk about plants and gardens, but also the importance of water conservation.

We are so proud of our Green Team members, who have expanded beyond our program to promote all things sustainable at their school. Way to go Malcom Green Team! You're making the future a better place for us all!


Thank you to all of our wonderful donors, especially the Barrett Family Foundation and MantraBand for making our program possible! We couldn't do it without you!

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