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Why We Love Our New Schools

Green Up Our Schools has worked with over 105 schools since our inception in 2008. Here's some highlights of why we accepted our newest round of schools :]

Hunters Glen Elementary (CO)

  • Lead volunteers loves watching the kids become advocates and embody sustainability

  • Already has 105 students interested in being on the Green Team!

  • History of student and parent action, including student run zero waste neighborhood clean-ups

  • Very inclusive: large refugee population with 55 different in-school languages, preschool for children with disabilities

Vega Collegiate Academy (CO)

  • New school, wants to build in these principles into their culture from the beginning

  • Can be flexible and innovative on how they implement the program because they are a charter school

  • Set a state record for math performance growth!


  • Kids looked at the community and determined they wanted to focus on composting and waste reduction!

  • Looking to challenge their neighboring school - and GUOS program member - Hulstrom K-8!

  • Goal is to be as student centered as possible at all times

The Studio School (CO)

  • Lots of room for improvement in sustainable practices

  • Super tight school community with a highly involved group of parent

  • Arts school that plans to tackle lots of awesome creative repurposed art / theatre projects!

Brush Creek (CO)

  • Sees a lot of paper waste that could easily be diverted

  • Enthusiastic volunteer leads!

  • Has done a lot of work on conserving energy

  • Actively engaged in community sustainability efforts

Downtown Denver Expeditionary School (CO)

  • Sustainability is cornerstone of their school charter

  • Excited to start a composting program

  • Engaged group of youth in busy part of downtown

Montessori School of Denver (CO)

  • Administration and parents are invested in sustainability

  • Have had great success with their own initiatives, now looking for funding and more hands-on assistance

  • Have a freight container garden they would like to make better use of

  • Wants to create a ripple effect with GUOS, where students take sustainability from the school into the home and out to the rest of the community

Barnum Elementary (CO)

  • Program leader grew up in the area, so waste issues hit close to home and the school is excited to make a positive impact on their local community

  • Wants to use GUOS to teach the students about building a community of lifting each other up, not breaking each other and their environment down

  • Teachers are excited for apples to stop being thrown in the recycling bins!

Centreville ES (VA)

  • Very accomplished school engaged with their local and global community to promote environmental education and empower global

  • STEM integrated, they offer ample opportunities for students including gardening, cat fish farming, and online classrooms with students from other countries

  • Wants to help bring our program, and sustainability, to Fairfax County

Esencia K-8 (CA)

  • New school and they excited at the unique opportunity to start fresh with the school culture instead of having to get rid of old bad habits!

  • The whole school is bought in on wanting to be a leader in the area when it comes to sustainability

  • Will have a non-tractional library with a STEM lab theme, and want to install a reuse maker space lab!

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