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October 2018 Featured Schools

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

October is one of our most exciting months, as this is when most schools are finishing up their Beginning-of-Year requirements and getting their grant money! We've seen so much great enthusiasm from our students and our volunteers - Take a peek below 👀

The Studio School

(Northglenn, CO)

This was The Studio School's first ever waste audit! With a passionate group of students, parents, and support staff, we are so excited to see where this school goes! As a performing arts school, the Studio School Green Team is already thinking creatively to find beautiful and moving ways to encourage waste reduction at their school.


Eastwood Elementary

(Irvine, CA)

The Green Team students at Eastwood Elementary were fired up about the amount of food waste they saw in their lunchroom trash audit. Especially since they launched a food waste campaign last spring. As the students discussed what they think the issue may be, they decided that maybe they didn't do enough to advertise their efforts. So they made this video in response to share with the school this fall!

We'll be sure to check back and update you on how their campaign is doing in a couple months! Way to go Eastwood!

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