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Spring CA Casino Mixer - Thank you!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019


That's how much we were able to raise through the support of Fulcrum Resources Environmental, Pacific Enterprise Bank, Pheffer Law, Audio Asylum, Mellow Collision, American Scientific Laboratories, Environmental Data Resources, and all of our wonderful casino mixer guests!

Oakland Casino Night and Networking Mixer

Green Up Our Schools was able to raise $3,000 -

Thanks to you! And a special thank you to Don of FRE, and Gary, Tobias, and Melody of PEB for helping us plan!

Thanks to all of those who participated! 1,453 CA students will gain leadership opportunities to learn and grow, all while helping their school go zero waste because of your support.


We all see the value in providing opportunities for our children to accomplish a task and experience success. Self confidence begins building at a young age, and it is never too early to start allowing children to problem solve. Here at Green Up Our Schools, we believe that through waste reduction campaigns, we provide just that: opportunities and challenges that educate and empower a generation of future Green leaders.

But none of that can be accomplished without the generosity of others.

That's why we're saying one more big THANK YOU!! to:

One last warm thank you to all who attended and helped support our students and schools. We couldn't do it without you!

Together, a better world is possible.

-Tony, Jess, Liz + The GUOS Team

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